Thursday, June 10, 2010

heLLo people,just wanna share something with you guys
tonight is the best night i had,
cause actually "someone" told me that she cannot come along with me to cherie's party.
and cause of this,me n her argued..=(
argued on d phone.
argued for this little little thing...
but suddenly she changed her mind.(i'm not suppose said she changed her mind)
cause after this,she told me that from the start she for sure is going with me.
just cause of my stupid action.and she felt frustrated...

maybe you guys might think that there nothing so special also.!!!
i felt that myself just too lucky to have her in my life.
even that she is not close with all my friends..
but she did come along with me.

She sat beside me with a bored face. but looks CUTE.
even she is bored,but never complain at all.
Have a girl likes you in my life.
i never feels regret that have you in my life.
i you, Aиgel lee Wei Hui.

still remember this? our first photo.

*11 of june 2010*

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

it is environment's problem??

apa hal to our earth??
for baby miko!!
haiz.don't know why miko's head getting worst nowadays.....
that why,we decided to bring "her" to pet's clinics
at the end.the doctor decide to have a small small operation to do something on "her" head..
poor little miko.."her" head look likes a bit botak nowww=(

poor little thing=(
we bought a skirt for her after the small operation.
miko n its mom..

this is how its look likes last time.

hope that baby miko can recover as soon as possible please...

*5 of may 2010*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


time passed super fast
we been together six months n still counting~=)
you're the one i meet once in my life.
hard to say "no" in front you~
hard to fall asleep when argue with you~
hard to angry in front you~
even hard to let u go.
i love you much.

nowadays,your exam is just around the corner.
i cannot be continue selfish for taking all your time
it's the time to let you pay fully concentrate on your exam.
I don't want be the one who spoiled your future
i don't want to see you miss the chance to score well in your result.
i don't want you disappoint your mom~
so within this 1 month,
our relationship you can just put it aside.
all you needs just study hard n hard.=)
no more hang out,no more having lunch together,no more night talk in the midnight...
i won't disturb you between this month.
cause all i can do is .".don't disturb you , let you concentrate on your exam."
babe,maybe within this month you have to faces lot of problems
stress of exam,stress of your exam's result
don't forget..there is always have a "ME" here.
i always here..always support you..always the annoying one~
always the loves you !
i'm here waitting~ wait for your exam finish.

within this months,we didn't met likes last time we did.
doesn't mean it can effect our relationships~
everyday it goes,everyday i miss you=)
im serious.
i miss you badly=(.

*14 of april 2010*

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a silent night

tonight,i can't sleep ..
i kept on thinking about my future.
"am i taking the right step now?"...
i cant believe myself are too serious for this relationship.
i know who am i~
i know what am i~
which standard of i stand..
cause nothing is forever.

but sometimes i just can't control myself..
cause when you walk in to my life..
from that moment,i had lost the part of myself.
maybe its true"the more you loving a person,then the more you losing the part of yourself"...
but i know when you're with me.. all this things will be throwing to behind of my brain =)

when days goes by,
i realize that,

no matter you and I,
can be forever or not...
at least,let me accompany you in your life.....

i don't mind still got how many distance you and I,
can walk through..
i just wanna walk with you.
at least,give me a chance..lets me walk beside you....

i'm not trying wants you to give me back somethings
cause all i wanted is staying right beside you.
if you don't mind,i would be with you for the rest of my time..

*25 of february 2010*

Monday, February 22, 2010

happy CNY & valentine's day~

gong xi fa chai
n happy valentine's day people~~~~
this year CNY is really special compared with passing year
cause first day of CNY same day with valentine's day..which is 14 of february..
besides that,
this year i'm not alone for valentine's day.*thanks,baby~*

12 of feb,
just because first day of CNY same day with valentine's day~
i have to celebrate my valentine's day on 12 of feb.*lousy year*
as usual,i went to her house pick her up.
but this time,she was abit weird..
she asked me go in her house...haha.
she ran to kitchen..COOK for me. :-)

seriously it tasted delicious,not because cooked by angel lee wei hui.
hehe. WEI HUI's fried rice~
then we went to KLCC
watched "花田囍事2010"..

not bad for this a comedy movie.

besides that,i bought a necklace for her as a valentine's present :-)
hope she like that~

the first day of CNY,she already go back to terengganu~
once she back,almost a week staying there
she staying there for 6 days.

i realize between this 6 days,
when she was thousand meters away from me. :-(

even just for that 6 days nights.
i'm fcuking miss her.
i realize something "no matter how busy was CNY,
there still got some time to makes me THINK about
i realize that every festival,everyone having holidays.
but loving you is a 365 works.,so even that CNY,but for just a normal days..nothing differents compared with others day..
that is only got 1 night i can talk to her on the phone.
which is the night,her n her family moves to kelatan for 1 night.
that time i just realize.
just the sound of your voice,
can makes my heart melt...

at last,she is BACK...hahahaha..
lucky she just go for that 6 days..
beside that,she used half of her ang pau's money for
buying me a nike shoes as a valentine's present..
HUMAN,maybe some of you guys think that she is not that good.
we're human beings..nothings is born to be perfect.
BUT seriously..
i can tell all of you..
she is the best for me :-)

anyways,thanks for the shoes..
i like it so much..:-)


haha,the aim for updating this two photos
cause,both of us have the same keychain.
is the "smile roti face". & the couple keychain.
for the "smile roti face" smelt good.
haha.angel can smelt for many times in a day.stupid..hahaaaaa.

*the stupid good smelting face with her hp*

*22 of february 2010*

Sunday, February 7, 2010

trial exam~

this two weeks,
my baby having her trial exam.
and this week will be her last week for exam..


good luck in ur exam..
may all my luck given to you.
drink more water and sleep early~
dont watch so much of drama.
im going to throw away all your drama...haha.
try your best to do can do it!!!
im gonna be with you somehow~

one day before her accounts paper.
stupid face~

love you :-)

*8 of feb 2010*

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

~four month anniversary~

time passed so fast..
been together 4 months~
from 2009 ,she accompany me walk into year of 2010.:-)
i still remember~
last time how stupid we are.. haha.

between this dayssss..i realize
when i make some stupid joke~
but after a joke, she still not laughing..and from there i learn that she doesn't like this kind of joke.
when we go out have lunch or dinner and from there i know that she like to eat what and doesnt like to eat what kind of foods.
when we argued
but after an arguement..we learn from a mistake.

"i love you", doesn't means only 1 sentences ,3 words n 8 alphabets that simple.
baby,thanks for let me being the luck one~
hehe,sometimes i really annouying n small gas
you still can stand it.
i don't know what will happend behind.
but this at this moment.
i just appreciate the moment that with you~.

the christmas present that she gave. :-)
the 4th months anniversary that she gave.

*3 of feb 2010*

yesterday,i thought my baby asked me out for lunch.
but actually not..
she asked me go into her house
and she cooked me to eat..

even is just a bowl of maggie mee
but it taste so yummy~
*baby, im gonna miss ur maggie mee*
after, maggie mee still got ice-cream ate...haha.

*5 stars's chef cooking*..:-)
*dont eat so much white pepper la*