Thursday, June 10, 2010

heLLo people,just wanna share something with you guys
tonight is the best night i had,
cause actually "someone" told me that she cannot come along with me to cherie's party.
and cause of this,me n her argued..=(
argued on d phone.
argued for this little little thing...
but suddenly she changed her mind.(i'm not suppose said she changed her mind)
cause after this,she told me that from the start she for sure is going with me.
just cause of my stupid action.and she felt frustrated...

maybe you guys might think that there nothing so special also.!!!
i felt that myself just too lucky to have her in my life.
even that she is not close with all my friends..
but she did come along with me.

She sat beside me with a bored face. but looks CUTE.
even she is bored,but never complain at all.
Have a girl likes you in my life.
i never feels regret that have you in my life.
i you, A–łgel lee Wei Hui.

still remember this? our first photo.

*11 of june 2010*

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